Tag! You’re It!

Tag – a game that brings back memories of running willy-nilly around the playground, chasing after your friends. If I’m remembering correctly, there wasn’t much point to the whole thing, no points scored, no winning…. just trying you hardest to tag your friends and maybe that cute boy in the 4th grade.

Now let’s jump ahead to today. Adults aren’t really known for playing tag…  and come to think of it, I haven’t seen many kids playing it either. But what if we had a Tag revival ….brought it into the 21st century, jazzed it up a bit…and threw in a healthy dose of social conscience?

Welcome to the Get HandsOn Tag Challenge!

Get HandsOn Tag will be the world’s largest game of virtual tag… and in this game the way to win is by doing good.  With your cell phone, Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll be able to “tag” anyone you know who’d be interested in creating or working on a service project. Once “You’re It,” you’ll get into the game by volunteering – anything from setting up a volunteer tutoring service for the young students in your neighborhood, to volunteering at your local HandsOn Action Center… whatever you can do to take action that makes an impact. Your commitment can be as simple as using reusable bags for shopping or recycling.  Every little bit we do counts – and counts a lot!

Playing Tag also means being part of the Get HandsOn Community. Through the GetHandsON.com portal you can meet up with other Tag players, get great ideas for service projects, and bookmark that Tag Leaderboard to see where you rank on the list of Tag Masters! The community interacts with Facebook and Twitter, so all your friends and followers will see the good work you’re doing.

Try it right now – go ahead – get out that laptop or smart phone and head over to www.GetHandsOn.com to start tagging!  Look, it’s time you used that phone for something other than watching the latest Lady Ga-Ga video (don’t even try to tell me you don’t have “Alejandro” on your phone – you know you do). Use it to bring the game of Tag back to life – and make the game MEAN something.

What are you waiting for? Tag, YOU’RE IT… so, Get in the Game and Make it Matter!

The Get HandsOn Challenge is an initiative of Points of Light Institute and is sponsored by JetBlue.

Post courtesy of HandsOn Network


About It's All GOOD!

We inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. As the on-ramp to volunteering in our community, we work with more than 125 local nonprofit organizations to provide opportunities for people to connect to make a difference.
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