Day of Service Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King with his children

Dr. King with two of his four children

HandsOn Jacksonville and the Teacher Supply Depot hosted a day of family fun and volunteering on MLK day.

Grown ups and kids alike had fun painting flower pots for seniors and making recyclable bags for beach cleanups.

Decorating recyclable bags

There were craft stations set up all over the old school which houses the supply depot, including doll and bracelet making.

Painting flower pots for seniors

The craft room

The Teacher’s Supply Depot is a nonprofit that gathers donated goods and hosts give-aways for district schools. Teachers, principals and PTAs can come get paper, educational material, art supplies and much more for free!

The entire building is full of amazing supplies with a room dedicated just for crafts and ideas for projects posted on the bulletin boards. It’s hard not to get inspired to create something while walking through the halls.

After the pictures were painted and crafts were made the History Channel’s documentary film King was shown in honor of MLK Jr. Day because even though everyone had fun painting, gluing and crafting it was good to remember why we were there. The legacy of Dr. King inspires us to do something GOOD every chance we get and there’s no harm in having a little fun while we’re at it, right?

Volunteers decorating and painting


About emileespeaks

I am a journalism major at UNF. I will be graduating in April. I am currently interning for HandsOn Jacksonville.
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2 Responses to Day of Service Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. john says:

    What a great writeup for MlK day. Love the photos and words. Very very true and inspiring. Keep up the postings. JWS

  2. In 1955 a Baptist Minister and Civil Rights Campaigner came to prominence during a black boycott of segregated bus services in Montgomery Alabama. His name was Martin Luther King.

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