Passion for Preservation and the Arts Inspire Dr. Wayne Wood to Volunteer

Optometrist Dr. Wayne Wood is dedicated to maintaining Jacksonville’s historic buildings and bettering the community. Dr. Wood was concerned about Jacksonville’s historic structures being deserted or torn down so he founded Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) in 1974. RAP is dedicated to restoring and preserving Riverside’s history, architecture, culture and commerce. In 1985 Riverside and Riverside Annex became the first Jacksonville neighborhoods to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places, thanks to RAP’s persistence and years of research.

Dr. Wood initiated the Riverside Arts Market after seeing a similar concept in Portland. He wanted to use the space under the Fuller Warren Bridge, which was already planned for reconstruction. Dr. Wood convinced the Florida Department of Transportation to dedicate the under-the-bridge landscaping funds to the Arts Market plans. The Riverside Arts Market (RAM) is open to local artists, entertainers, and produce farmers March to December.  RAM has been named the Best Neighborhood Event by Folio Weekly.

He is the author of The Jacksonville Family Album, The Great Fire of 1901 and The Architecture of Henry John Klutho.
His contribution to the Jacksonville community with the Riverside Art Market and Riverside Avondale Preservation will benefit and improve Jacksonville for many years to come.

Meet Dr. Wood on April 21 at Celebrate!GOOD.  He’ll be receiving the Art of Caring Award!  Get more info.


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