Attorneys Do GOOD on the First Coast

Ask A Lawyer Program

Organized in 1897, the Jacksonville Bar Association has been committed to serving Northeast Florida residents.

JBA members give of their time and talents by providing legal support and services to the community. They assist with law-related community issues that impact our society, in addition to extensive and far-reaching services to better the First Coast. The organization actively encourages its members to provide altruistic aid to the community through increasing their pro bono efforts and their presence in Jacksonville.

JBA is the administrator of the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program established by the Florida Supreme Court. Through this program, a mediator provides the opportunity for people in jeopardy of home foreclosures to meet with their lenders in hopes of finding an alternative to losing their homes. This is a free service for qualified individuals. With JBA’s continued efforts, borrower participation has increased and many families remain in their homes, allowing them to live the American Dream.

Throughout the year, JBA presents Jacksonville residents with six opportunities to obtain free attorney consultations. The most recent “Ask-A-Lawyer” event was held at the Gateway Town Center on the Northside on March 5, 2011. With this program, community members are provided with legal guidance on a broad range of law.

Food Drive Benefits Hubbard House

Through its Young Lawyers Section, JBA participated in the “Run for Cover” fundraiser on April 2, 2011. Partnering with First Place Sports, this annual event raises around $5,000 for the Florida Skin Cancer Association. More importantly, the level of awareness is raised about skin cancer. Since the event began, hundreds of First Coast community members have received free screenings, making them aware of pre-cancerous or cancerous findings. This event helps save lives and promotes family health. Members also participated in the Hubbard House Food Drive last fall, acquiring more than 700 pounds of food and more than $600 in gift cards and cash donations.

For more than 114 years, this organization has provided positive leadership, valued openness to new ideas, and affected changes benefiting the public. Whether it is through collective efforts or individual actions, more than 2,100 JBA members are working toward ensuring that all people have access to the legal system and affordable legal services. The Jacksonville Bar Association exemplifies the highest standards of integrity, ethics and caring through its continued commitment to making Jacksonville a better place.

HandsOn Jacksonville is very fortunate to have some of these big-hearted attorneys on our board of directors!  Congratulations to Mark Bajalia of Brennan, Manna & Diamond, P.L.; James Farah of The Farah Law Firm; Jay Howanitz and Robert Spohrer of Spohrer & Dodd, P.L. and E. Andrus Healy for being part of the organization receiving the 2011 Tillie Kidd Fowler Spirit of Service Award at this year’s Celebrate!GOOD.

About It's All GOOD!

We inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. As the on-ramp to volunteering in our community, we work with more than 125 local nonprofit organizations to provide opportunities for people to connect to make a difference.
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