Some “GOOD” Thoughts from Our CEO

Judy SmithTo Celebrate!GOOD.  That’s our mission for the HandsOn Jacksonville event coming up this Thursday evening.  Please let me share some thoughts that were inspired by a friend of mine, Tracy Connors, executive editor of the second edition of Volunteer Management Handbook, Wiley & Sons publishers.  Tracy, a lover of words, remarked on our choice of updating and rebranding our old “Celebration of Service” to our second year of “Celebrate!GOOD.”

Approvingly, he remarked on this not-so-subtle change that we made last year.  According to Tracy, “I have found our most significant words and phrases have a long history, probably because they deal with or express our most important, universal, timeless and enduring concepts.”  He goes on to consider our use of the simple term, “GOOD,” which has a long and significant history.

“Most of us know that similar words can be found throughout many of the European languages,” he tells us.  “In fact, its history extends even to the very foundations of these languages, to a proto-language called Indo-European.  The linguistic roots for ‘GOOD’ are found in the Indo-European word ‘ghedh,’ which meant, significantly, ‘to unite, join, fit, be together, bring together, and to gather’; as well as meaning, ‘companion and comrade.’”

He suggests that this word “GOOD” and its derivation is a fitting foundation for what we at HandsOn Jacksonville are up to.  “Even today doing GOOD retains those fundamental meanings—doing good unites us in ways that bring us together on important issues and needs.  Doing GOOD helps change both the ‘doer’ and the recipient into companions and comrades.  It helps unite us in ways that make us stronger as individuals, neighborhoods and communities.  Doing GOOD remains one of the most important words in all our vocabularies.  Doing GOOD can truly be seen—and recognized—and honored—as the universal language expressing the highest ideals of all people.  Doing GOOD—and those who, through their actions ‘speak’ that universal language, give us hope that we may, even yet, create the kind of world where the fullest measures of human potential can be realized.  Doing GOOD is both a word—and a language—we can all use to ‘speak out’ in favor of a better life, a better world, and a better future for all.”

I want to thank Tracy for sending these beautiful words, and though he told me that I could use them any way I saw fit, I wanted to let you all know these are HIS words about OUR words, and I wanted to give HIM all the credit.

Promoting GOOD, doing GOOD, and celebrating GOOD are what we at HandsOn Jacksonville are about.  Come join us Thursday evening to Celebrate!GOOD, or come join us any time to do GOOD.  We can help you put your GOOD intentions into action.


About It's All GOOD!

We inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. As the on-ramp to volunteering in our community, we work with more than 125 local nonprofit organizations to provide opportunities for people to connect to make a difference.
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