Life Lessons of a HandsOn Intern

Emilee Speck, UNF Intern

As an intern with HandsOn Jacksonville I gained more than great work experience and a few good friends.

I  continued my learning in a way that no University class could have hoped to offer. In my two-month internship with HandsOn Jacksonville, I  met with volunteer Project Leaders who  shared their inspiration for volunteering with me.

Project Leader Angie Green Reads to Kids

I learned from the Read-to-Me project that children still love to be read to just like I did when I was little, but its way more fun with your friends.

Project Leader Ashley Szczukowski Serves Meals to the Homeless

From the Hot Meal for the Homeless project I found out everybody has a soft spot for strawberries and a big smile, and  at a beach clean up I learned there are more enjoyable things to do on a Saturday morning than sleeping in (crazy, I know). And who knew doing arts and crafts could make someone else feel good too? At Cards of Caring, crafters made cards for the elderly, the sick and disabled children. A little glitter here, a stamp here and presto, a smile!

Growing up in my hometown that had a lot of potential for volunteer opportunities, and having a great Mother who shared with me her passion for service it only seems right that HandsOn Jacksonville made me feel right at home. This was the perfect place for my senior year at UNF.  I  learned new things about volunteering and was reminded of the old things that just needed to be dusted off.

When I asked so many of the Project Leaders what inspired them to continue to volunteer, they all had one thing in common – they wanted to better their community and people’s lives. This brings home HandsOn Jacksonville’s “Be the Change” motto, because one bag of trash, one helping hand, one book, and one step at a time we can change the world and make it an improved one for future generations to take pride in.

HandsOn Jacksonville was extremely fortunate to have Emilee Speck and Jan Bennett as our journalism interns from UNF during the first part of 2011.  They wrote inspiring stories about volunteers for our Celebrate!GOOD event and helped in countless ways to tell our story of how we are mobilizing volunteers to transform our community – one GOOD deed at a time!  Thank you Emilee for sharing your thoughts!


About emileespeaks

I am a journalism major at UNF. I will be graduating in April. I am currently interning for HandsOn Jacksonville.
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One Response to Life Lessons of a HandsOn Intern

  1. Ashley Szczukowski says:

    Very good! You did a great job Emilee!!!

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