Intern Photographer Sees Volunteering Through New Eyes

Corey Fallon

Corey Fallon, intern from The Art Institute of Jacksonville

As someone new to the HandsOn Jacksonville family, and an outsider looking in on the Blueprint for Leadership Program, I can readily say that I have been humbled and impressed by the things they accomplish.  From the minute I showed up around 6 A.M. that morning, I understood that this wasn’t your average group of volunteers.  Each person greeted me with a smiling face and a warm introduction, followed immediately by a full and heavy workday that involved completely revamping the backyard and indoor areas. I watched in awe as these people teamed up to transform the Family Nurturing Center from a drab and dull building into a shining and bright home.

Blueprinters painting at Family Nurturing Center

The inside walls were painted, and the floors were waxed, while other volunteers put together various new toys, bicycles, and board games for the children.  All of this going on without complaint, and with some of the best teamwork I’ve seen among people doing something for free, and for a good cause.  As I took their pictures, these amazing people managed to shine through all of the gritty and difficult yard work that they would be doing for the next 6-7 hours, and they accomplished something most landscapers could not have by converting a plain and empty backyard into a beautiful picnic area complete with tables, patio furniture, and even a basketball hoop.

These volunteers and the members of both Hands On Jacksonville and the Blueprint For Leadership Program have shown me that there are still good and willing people who can make a difference in their community.  Their hard work and dedication to the projects that they themselves choose to partake on their free time is above and beyond any effort of another non-profit organization.  I feel honored to have worked alongside of these people and I would like to thank everyone involved for letting me participate in such a positive event.
Corey Fallon
freelance graphic designer/photographer

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