Fidelity Investment Volunteers’ School Transformation

Margaret Baker, UNF Intern

Mayor Brown Addresses Volunteers

On Saturday, August 6, Fidelity Investments and HandsOn Jacksonville came together to take part in a project to benefit duPont Middle School. The day started with speakers including W.C. Gentry and Ed Pratt Dannals from the Duval County Public School Board, our newly elected Education Commissioner, and our new Mayor, Alvin Brown.

Fidelity Investments Donated More Than 5,000 Books

One of Mayor Brown’s commitments to the city is to ensure that children receive the very best from our public education system.  He believes that being able to read is the foundation of all learning and success.

”If you can’t read, you can’t go anywhere in life.” said the mayor.

duPont Dragon Keeps a Watchful Eye on the Students

And Fidelity Investments answered the Read it Forward Jax initiative’s call by collecting more than 5,000 books and assorted school supplies for duPont Middle School to help foster that love of reading in the students. Across the country, Fidelity Investments selected 10 schools in 10 states for this special project and we were lucky enough to benefit from having one in our very own community.

Volunteers Painting Murals

A primary goal was to make kids want to go to school. And since kids want their schools to “look cool” the efforts of Saturday’s volunteers were directed to making that happen. They painted fabulous murals to be hung on the walls, planted gardens and hung up college tee-shirts to inspire children to set their sights high.


These dedicated volunteers sacrificed their Saturday to transform the school for the children and better their community. It was so inspiring standing on the other side of the camera watching these individuals of all ages working for a common cause.

Inspiration to Reach for the Stars

I would encourage anyone to get out there and volunteer in your community. Your time and talents are helping these children – who are our future – fly to moon and reach for the stars!

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  1. The six panels of murals and the mural on the brick wall outside the school were designed by artists from the Art Center Cooperative Inc. and three of the artists were on hand all day volunteering as well.

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