Meet Our Board – Harnish Parikh

HandsOn Jacksonville claims bragging rights to an amazing board of directors! We’d like you to get to know them all, so over the next few weeks we’ll be shining the spotlight on them. You’ll get an inside peek at who they are, what they do, what they’re passionate about and how they’re making our community a better place for everyone.

Relationship Manager – Provider Governance, Prudential

HOJ:  What inspires you to serve as a board member of HandsOn Jacksonville?

HP:  As a graduate of the Blueprint for Leadership program, I better understand the intricacies of leading a successful nonprofit organization while adhering to many different rules and regulations.  HandsOn Jacksonville does an amazing job in bringing people together to better our community while partnering with other nonprofits to strengthen our community.  This increased my level interest of being part of this organization due to the program and the internship.

HOJ:  What do you think the two of the most critical issues facing The First Coast today?

HP:  In my opinion, child education and homelessness are the two most critical issues.

HOJ:  What volunteer activities do you currently participate in?

HP:  I participate in many activities as volunteering is very important to me. Prudential stresses the importance of social involvement and bettering the communities we have a presence in. Along with the Prudential initiative and my personal one’s – I like to volunteer to help young children with education (mentoring, tutoring) as well as feeding the homeless and participating in walks for all causes.

HOJ:  What in life are you most passionate about?

HP:  I am passionate about family. Family is the nucleus to everything we do in society.

HOJ:  What can’t you live without?

HP:  I personally cannot live without football season!

HOJ:  What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering?

HP:  Go for it! Put yourself out there and experience it and see what makes you happy with the different projects that are out there and find your niche! It is self-gratifying but at the end of the day – you will make a difference!

Harnish Parikh graduated from the 2010 Blueprint for Leadership cohort.  He has completed his one-year internship with HandOn Jacksonville and we are please to announce that he has been voted in as a board member.


About It's All GOOD!

We inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. As the on-ramp to volunteering in our community, we work with more than 125 local nonprofit organizations to provide opportunities for people to connect to make a difference.
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