Prudential’s Spirit of Community Awards, Samantha Kerker- Spreading Poverty Awareness

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program recognizes middle level and high school youth based on their volunteer work in the community. Awards are given to Local, State-Level, and National Honorees. The honorees are picked for their initiative, effort, impact, and personal growth on their volunteer work. HandsOn Jacksonville is pleased to share with you Florida’s outstanding 2012 high school State-Level  honoree, Samantha Kerker:

Samantha Kerker, 16, of Boca Raton, FL realized at an early age the importance of helping those less fortunate. Samantha used $7,000 from her own nonprofit tie-dye business to build a home for a homeless family in Nicaragua. Samantha’s mission to serve the poor expanded from there. She said, “”Teenagers don’t understand what extreme poverty means. I wanted to give every student in Palm Beach County an opportunity to experience poverty on a local and international level.” Samantha’s focus led her to create the “Students for the Poor” club in all the high schools in her county. There are more than 1,500 students currently involved in one of her clubs dedicated to serving the poor through events and projects. Now that her clubs are running smoothly, Samantha’s latest project is raising money for her “Living In The Shoes” program which selects 60 students to participate in a mission trip to a developing country.

After learning about Samantha, HandsOn Jacksonville is now eager to hear about the outstanding achievements from Florida’s 2013 applicants. To learn more please visit:

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards homepage:

Honorees by state/project:

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Facebook page:

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Twitter handle:!/pruspirit

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards YouTube page:


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