Pink Sisters Have “Been There” and Are Now Here to Help Others

IMG_9322In April 2007, while navigating through her own personal journey with breast cancer, Laura Bergmann thoughtfully compiled her wish list of the perfect compassionate care she would want and wish for all breast cancer patients. That process lead to the development of Pink Sisters & Friends Advocacy, a program that works with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. This program helps all breast cancer patients who request it, to transform the fear and confusion of a cancer diagnosis into a positive mental approach for fighting and overcoming the disease.

Their mission: Giving emotional, physical, and informational support before, during and after diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and breast-related diseases.
Each new breast cancer patient is matched with a Pink Sister advocate who has gone through the same diagnosis. The two women stay connected throughout the journey to wellness. The advocates stay with the patients through every stage of the treatment process, giving them practical advice and assurance from one who has “been there.”

Mayo oncology physicians, surgeons and nursing staff agree patients who receive this service have better outcomes than those who don’t.

Laura Bergmann and The Pink Sisters Friends & Advocacy Group will be presented with the HandsOn Health Award at Celebrate!GOOD on April 18th.  Join us at


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