Wells Fargo – Culture of Inclusion and Diversity Inspires Corporate and Community GOOD

Logo WellsAt Wells Fargo, building a work culture of inclusion and diversity is a core part of their vision and values. It applies not only to the communities in which they do business and where they hire team members, but it also means encouraging and recognizing diversity in everything they do.

Wells Fargo’s “Vision & Values” include building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture for all Wells Fargo team members; a belief that commitment to diversity and inclusion is key to being one of the world’s great companies; and to value and promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of their business and every level of their organization. They also recognize that diverse representation alone is not the desired outcome, rather an understanding that an inclusive culture accepting of differences and open to new ideas can help them create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Jim Joyce Karen w BCU w check DSC_0184Wells Fargo is very intentional in their effort to promote diversity and inclusion. One important initiative is the establishment of Diversity Councils comprised of senior executives from across Wells Fargo. These leaders are tasked with making decisions that align with the company’s goals and influencing change that will accelerate impact and broaden ownership within the lines of business or functional areas. They also have regional and line-of-business diversity councils that support the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. These groups are comprised of approximately 20 members representing a cross-section of the levels and lines of business and for one year, serve as the “eyes and ears” of their greater population of team members.

Locally the North Florida Regional Diversity Council was established two years ago. Their purpose is to assess the current state of diversity within the North Florida region, implement Wells Fargo’s corporate diversity vision and guiding principles in a way that is meaningful and relevant for our region, and to develop and champion strategies specific to the needs of our region that integrate diversity into the way they do business every day to help create a more inclusive and engaging environment for all team members.

50491170EAdditionally, Well Fargo has developed Team Member Networks. These groups provide professional and leadership development, mentoring and community involvement opportunities. They also serve as a resource for business development and customer insights, help recruit new team members and strengthen brand reputation. Team Member Networks include Asian Connection, Black/African American Connection, Diverse Abilities Team Member Network, Latin Connection, Middle East Team Member Network, Native Peoples Team Member Network, PRIDE Team Member Network, Veterans’ Team Member Network and Women’s Team Member Network.

Locally, one of the most active Team Member Networks is PRIDE which serves as the voice of inclusion and acceptance for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) team members, customers and allies of the LGBT community. PRIDE welcomes all team members and encourages personal and professional development through involvement in the community and company activities. They recently conducted a large school supply drive for Sallye B. Mathis Elementary School, a holiday toy drive for Holiday Helpers and are also very active with JASMYN where they helped collect clothes for the PROM.

Wells Fargo is the recipient of the 2014 Edward R. Hayes Unity in Action Award that will be presented at Celebrate!GOOD 2014.

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